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Archiving Bodies: Digital Archives, Feminist and Queer Praxis.  

Friday 20th May 2022 – Maynooth University & online

This event is organised by the AHRC-IRC funded project, Full Stack Feminism in Digital Humanities, in collaboration with the Digital Repository of Ireland, and features a number of speakers including Jamie A Lee (Associate Professor of Digital Culture, Information, and Society and Director of Graduate Studies, School of Information, University of Arizona) and  
It explores innovative, intersectional and challenging approaches to digital archiving and digital projects. It links a number of projects, researchers and activists challenging our conception of archives: who can archive, and who is archived; how and where we archive; concepts of the archive and their neutrality; who is visible and who is silenced in archival spaces; how we deploy a feminist ethics of care in archiving practice, methods and theory; the ethical challenges archiving trauma, hurt and grief; the role of archives in providing space for critical voices and creative visions; archives of embodied experience and identity creation. 
Tickets are free, and can be booked here

Full Stack Feminism:  Art, Intersectionality and the Digital 

Thursday 16th June 2022

Artists Talks and Panel Discussion 

‘Full Stack Feminism in Digital Humanities’ is a collaborative UK-Ireland project which aims to embed intersectional feminist thinking into digital practices. We seek to address how biases and stereotypes are manifest in digital media, particularly in the academic field of the Digital Humanities. 

Across our two-year project we wish to collaborate with artists, communities, coders, archivists and scholars, to work together to develop digital objects, interfaces, archives and tools that can work to amplify marginalised voices.  

As part of our collaborative actions, this panel talk will bring together artists and curators with concerns across gender, race and class, structures of power and oppression and digital technologies. In this way we begin to enact intersectional feminism across the ‘Full Stack’: addressing how inequality is reproduced from the level of code to the level of representation.