Full Stack Feminism project launch

10 December 2021

We are launching our new two-year funded research project, Full Stack Feminism is Digital Humanities funded by UKRl·AHRC and the Irish Research Council (2021-23). The launch event is hybrid and co-located between the Sussex Humanities Lab (Brighton, UK) and at Maynooth University (Ireland). All are welcome. We will introduce both our project team, and our Full Stack Feminist “stacks”, which provide the intellectual framework and rational around the need for digital humanities to explore the ways in which it integreates intersectional feminist praxis into reserach and work practices, highlighting current work in this area and the ways in which we will intervene and inform this space. We will also detail some of our planned activites which will provide space and opportunity for the wider community to engage with the project.

Full Stack Feminism in Digital Humanities (2021 – 2023) is funded by UKRl·AHRC and the Irish Research Council under the ‘UK-Ireland Collaboration in the Digital Humanities Research Grants Call’ (AH/W001667/1 and IRC/W001667/1)