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Manifestations: Full Stack Feminism Conference and Exhibition

20-21st September 2023 (Conference)

21-23 September (Exhibition)

Our work, our thoughts, our experiences, manifest in different ways. Through art, poetry, action, and words. ‘Manifestations’ is an intersectional feminist call-to-action in digital spaces and recognises the importance of creative art praxis, community archives, and critical research in digital humanities. It challenges what counts as knowledge and who gets to produce that knowledge.  In presenting the work of artists and academics this exhibition and conference, related to the project the Full Stack Feminism in Digital Humanities’ manifests a series of abstract ideas such as intersectionality, positionality, radical empathy, de-centring, among others. In doing so it places practice as a central form of feminist knowledge, where theory emanates from creative artefacts, community archives, embodiment and computational performances.   

Organised around our Full Stack Feminism framework it with will explore subjects like; data feminism; community archives; queer archives; queer data; queer and critical fabulation; gender and technology; feminist empiricism, digital art, digital cultural heritage. 

The event takes place over two days; 20th September (pm only) and 21st September (all day) at the University of Sussex. 

Exhibition: 21-23 September

Details to follow.

  • Speakers and artists include:
  • Winnie Soon
  • Mara Karagianni
  • Amanda Egbe
  • Judith Ricketts,
  • Tiara Roxanne
  • Sara Phillips
  • Jamilla Prowse
  • Roiba O’Rua

with more to be announced.  

Tickets are available online via Eventbrite.