the chain

The Chain: An Intersectional feminist digital humanities project

In June 2021 we launched the Chain as a 3-month writing project that responds to contemporary circumstances where we can’t meet easily, where we are zoom-swamped, and zoombified, where glancing interactions are rarely possible. We are missing times and moments when ‘breaking out’ isn’t a zoom function, when serendipity doesn’t have to be programmed, when ‘walk throughs’ are in physical space, and where interventions follow on. We are missing the kinds of entangled modes of thinking and doing this kind of flow more easily enabled; writing about media art, coding that speaks to theory, practice that finds articulation in words.

The chain is a growing series of linked entries from people in the Intersections: Feminism, Technology and Digital
Humanities (IFTe) network and beyond. They include speakers, contributors, members, investigators, advisory group members of IFTe, theorists, artists, activists, others. We’re open. Each chain entry responds in some way to the entry proceeding it and offers a suggestion (or three) for an entry to follow. We’re curating responses – but if you see an entry and you want to be the respondent let us know! We are quite happy to fork!

The links of this chain – and its various digressions – will bring into conversation people and ideas that, together, will build a narrative(s) that collectively articulates the scope and vision of intersectional DH in all its messy, dynamic, and potentially contradictory forms.

To review this publication and see how you might get involved see: ‘The Chain: An intersectional feminist Digital Humanities Proeject’