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Archiving Bodies event, held on 20th May 2020

This event was organised by the AHRC-IRC funded project, Full Stack Feminism in Digital Humanities, in collaboration with the Digital Repository of Ireland, and features a number of speakers Jamie A Lee (University of Arizona) and Adela C. Licona (Associate Professor Emeritus, English, University of Arizona), as well as contributions from members of the Full Stack Feminism in Digital Humanities team, including Orla `Egan (Feminist Digital Humanities Community Coordinator, Maynooth University), Jeneen Naji (Irish PI, Associate Professor in Digital Media, Maynooth University) and Sharon Webb (UK PI, Senior Lecturer in Digital Humanities, University of Sussex) and Lorraine Grimes from the Archiving Reproductive Health project.

The event explored innovative, intersectional and challenging approaches to digital archiving and digital projects. It linked a number of projects, researchers and activists challenging our conception of archives: who can archive, and who is archived; how and where we archive; concepts of the archive and their neutrality; who is visible and who is silenced in archival spaces; how we deploy a feminist ethics of care in archiving practice, methods and theory; the ethical challenges archiving trauma, hurt and grief; the role of archives in providing space for critical voices and creative visions; archives of embodied experience and identity creation.

External speaker biographies:

  • Jamie A Lee (Associate Professor of Digital Culture, Information, and Society and Director of Graduate Studies, School of Information, University of Arizona). Lee directs the Arizona Queer Archives, the Digital Storytelling & Oral History Lab, and co-directs the Climate Alliance Mapping Project. They are an award-winning social justice documentary filmmaker, archivist, and scholar committed to decolonizing methodologies and asset-driven approaches to community participatory projects that are produced with communities in ways that will be relevant and beneficial. See https://ischool.arizona.edu/people/jamie-lee and https://thestorytellinglab.io/
  • Adela C. Licona (Associate Professor Emeritus, English. Served as Vice Chair of the Social, Cultural, and Critical Theory graduate minor and was affiliated faculty in Gender and Women’s Studies, Institute for LGBT Studies, Institute of the Environment, and Mexican American Studies at the University of Arizona; Interim Executive Director of BorderLinks in Tucson, Arizona. Co-founder of Write to Thrive; The Art of Change Agency serves and supports critical voices and creative visions working individually and through academic, grassroots, and other organizational engagements and affiliations for social change.

Project Launch Event 10 December 2022

‘Full Stack Feminism in Digital Humanities’ is a two year collaborative project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the Irish Research Council under the ‘UK-Ireland Collaboration in Digital Humanities’ funding stream. It is a collaboration between the University of Sussex (Sussex Humanities Lab), the University of Maynooth, Technological University Dublin, with partners including the Digital Repository of Ireland, the University of Cambridge and the Irish Museum of Modern Art. It follows on, and builds upon the work, of the AHRC-IRC funded network grant, Intersections, Feminism, Technology & Digital Humanities network (IFTe). At this launch event we provided a brief outline of the project, its activities and what we mean by ‘Full Stack Feminism’. The event included members of the project team and is the first in a series of events related to this two year project. Held at the Sussex Humanities Lab, the event was a hybrid event with participants online and in the Sussex Humanities Lab. You can find out more about the project on our website http://ifte.network/full-stack-feminism/ Full Stack Feminism in Digital Humanities (2021 – 2023) is funded by UKRl·AHRC and the Irish Research Council under the ‘UK-Ireland Collaboration in the Digital Humanities Research Grants Call’ (AH/W001667/1 and IRC/W001667/1)